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This blog relates to communications in relation to the
Department for Work and Pensions.

Please see the following data and responses to FOI requests:

Contact details for JobcentrePlus-District-Managers_201605   [doc]

Contact details for London  DWP-LHC-Management_20150515   [pdf]

Given timescales for responding to enquiries Timescales_20150323   [pdf]


FOI responses relating to the Private Office of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (SSWP)

foi-983 [doc]   Structure of email-account Secretaryofstate@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

ir-233 [doc]   Roles of the Private Office team (answer 1)

foi-2839 [doc]   Roles of the Private Office team (answer 2)

foi-1987 [doc]   Structure of email archive (answer 1)

foi-2840 [doc]   Structure of email archive (answer 2)

foi-4060 [doc]   IT-equipment